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Most students have limited credit history and income. Adding a cosigner with a solid financial history and good credit may help improve your chances of loan approval by 4 times and sometimes may even result in a lower interest rate.Required Field.
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Please be advised that if you are attending on a "Less than half time" basis, you will be limited to Immediate Repayment as the repayment type.

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Please consider the academic calendar when making your selection for funds. If you'll be in school for the entire academic year (ex. Fall through Spring), you may want to consider applying for funding for the full period instead of semester by semester to streamline the process and save time later. Plus, you'll have fewer loans to manage when repayment time comes.Required Field.
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What Factors Help Icon
What factors are used in the initial credit review?
The initial credit review is based on the information you and your cosigner (if applicable) provide during the application process and the information obtained from your credit report (and any cosigner's credit report). If you pass the initial credit review, documentation will be requested to verify your identity and annual income. A signed Loan Packet, including the Credit Agreement, Approval Disclosure and Applicant Self-Certification Form is required before a final loan decision is made. Your school will be required to certify the loan amount for the upcoming academic year/semester prior to disbursement.
Cost of Attendance Help Icon
Why do you need the Student's Cost of Attendance and Estimated Financial Assistance?
Before a final loan decision is made, you will be asked to sign an Applicant Self-Certification Form. The Student's Cost of Attendance and Estimated Financial Assistance are two fields on the form. By entering the information here, we are able to pre-fill the Applicant Self-Certification Form with this information.
Help How much can i borrow Help Icon
How much can I borrow?
The minimum and maximum you can borrow is determined by the school you are attending, the loan type you selected, and your state of residence.
Prepay Help Icon
Is there a penalty for pre-payment or paying the loan off early?
No, there is not a penalty for pre-payment of your loan. You will only be charged the amount of interest that has accrued on the loan until the day the loan is paid off.
What School Help Icon
In order to apply for a loan, do I need to know what school I'm attending?
Yes, your school is integral to the loan process. Your loan funds may not be disbursed until the school certifies your enrollment and the requested funds.

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Exhausted funding Help iconExhaust other funding first
Let us help fill the financial gaps after you've applied for Grants, Scholarships, and Federal Aid
Arrow iconApply with a qualified cosigner
It can make a big difference-see why
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